Sunrise Seed Potato Tubers – 3kg

If you are looking for a potato to mash or bake then Sunrise is one to try. Classed as a second early, the Sunrise seed potato it is ready to harvest from late July and gives very large creamy tubers with a pretty pink eye. We tried it last autumn in the breeders kitchen and loved the nutty flavour! Good scab resistance and does particularly well in hot weather. Second Early variety. Skin Colour – Light Yellow. Flesh Colour – Light Yellow. Uses – steam, mash, chips, saute, baked and roast. Dobies seed potatoes are inspected by the relevant certifying authority and that number is featured on the bag labels (within riddle size 35mm x 60mm). This eliminates over large and very small potatoes.

Buy 2 or more 3kg packs of Sunrise seed potato tubers and save £1.00 per pack which will be deducted from your basket. This reduction applies to any combination of 3kg packs ordered. IMPORTANT – Immediately upon arrival unpack your seed potatoes and keep them in trays in a light, airy, frost free place to sprout prior to planting in March/April. Planting – depth 10cm (4″); spacing in row – 30-40cm (12-16″); width between rows – 70-75cm (28-30″). Soil should be well-worked and rich in humus (farm-yard manure or garden compost). Earth up two to three times as the top grows, to avoid green tubers. Feed with a balanced fertiliser and always keep your potatoes watered well during dry periods to ensure a good crop.

IN PATIO CONTAINERS/GROW BAGS: Try Lady Christl, Swift, Maxine, Winston, Anya, Charlotte or most early varieties. Dobies recommend one tuber to a 20 litre pot. In potato grow bag and potato buckets , reduce length by a third to give more depth and plant 2 tubers to a bag. If growing this way, the compost will need to be well watered. If any potatoes come to the surface, cover with more compost or black plastic to prevent the tubers turning green. 14-21 days, freezing weather may cause delay ORDER DESPATCH – Potatoes are sent separately from your seed order and will be despatched from December onwards, weather permitting. Please note that Dobies monitor weather conditions daily during critical periods and do not despatch when frosty conditions are forecast. 3kg pack will be enough to plant a 10-12m row. HEALTH BENEFITS: A good source of vitamin C (Anti-ageing, wound healing, decreasing blood cholesterol and prevention of infections. Assists the body in absorbing iron) and Potassium (Regulates heart rhythm, nerve impulses and muscle function), protein and fibre.


2 Responses to “Sunrise Seed Potato Tubers – 3kg”
  1. lynn searle says:

    sunrise is an excellent variety and we will want to grow it again next year , they are fantastic roasted just dont par boil them for too long .

  2. john prince says:

    giving sunrise a try this year

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