Thompson & Morgan Potato Kit ~ £9.99

The Thompson & Morgan Potato Kit is an easy and fun way to get some tasty home grown potatoes. The Thomson & Morgan potato kit is ideal if you’ve got limited space in your garden, or just don’t want to do the digging involved in growing potatoes in the ground. Each of the three planters in the kit is big enough to plant 4-5 seed potatoes, giving you a bumber crop at the end of the growing season for just £9.99

Why buy the Thompson & Morgan Potato Kit ?

Thompson & Morgan potato kit bags are made from strong fabric with tough carry handles should you need to move the potato kit bags around the patio or balcon. The bags can be re-used over a number of years, giving you even greater value for money. When it comes round to next year, you can order some new potato tubers from Thompson & Morgan and start all over again.

What’s included in the Thompson & Morgan Potato Kit ?

  • Three strong, green planter bags per kit
  • Full growing instructions
  • 15 potato tubers
    • 5 x Charlotte
    • 5 x Swift
    • 5 x Vivaldi


One Response to “Thompson & Morgan Potato Kit ~ £9.99”
  1. dianne bates says:

    No instructions for specifically planting in a bag, only for planting in a vegetable plot.
    Indication of how deep to fill the bag and how much compost to place on top would be useful.

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