Thompson Morgan Potato Kit Refill ~ £4.99

So, you made it through 2009 as a potato farmer with your potato kit bags or buckets, and you need some new potato tubers for this year’s harvest. Thompson & Morgan are selling their potato kit collection of 15 potato tubers for just £4.99

The Potato Kit Refill Collection consists of 5 tubers each of:

Rocket ~ Very early variety that will produce a heavy crop of potatoes. Produce round white skinned and fleshed potatoes. Vivaldi ~ Classed as a ‘Second Early’ variety and will produce excellent yields of ‘baby potatoes’ or leave them in the ground for larger potatoes as a early maincrop. Yellow skinned potato with a pale yellow flesh. Charlotte ~ Another ‘Second Early’ crop and  popular salad variety. You’ll get pear shaped yellow skinned waxy tubers with creamy yellow flesh.

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