Unwins Potato Gro-Sack Kit ~ £9.95

The Unwins Potato Gro-Sack Kits were already great value, but now it’s an even better deal as they have added a FREE 75g bag  Potato Fertiliser! The Unwins Potato Growing Kits are the perfect way to grow potatoes if you haven’t got much space in your garden or don’t want to dig up your lawn. 

Why buy the Unwins Potato Kit Bags?

The Unwins Potato Gro-Sack Kits are made from strong interwoven polypropylene with two strong carry-handles and are built to last for many years of successful potato crops.  The bags has 12 drainage holes to make sure the potatoes are not water logged and spoilt. Like the kits from other companies, the bags fold away for easy storage once the season finishes. When it comes to next spring, just order some new potato seed tubers and repeat!

What’s included in the Unwins Potato Kit ?

  • Three potato Gro-sacks
  • 15 seed potatoes ( see below for varieties)
  • FREE 75g pack of potato fertiliser

Unwins Potato Kit Varieties

Unwins Potato Kits give you the choice of having three varieties in each kit, or you can stick with just one variety per kit. The single variety kit doesn’t give you the variety of cropping season that a multi variety kit gives you, but if you like one type of potato, you do get more of them!

  • Potato Gro Sack Kit ~ 15 x Charlotte
  • Potato Gro Sack Kit ~ 15 x Swift
  • Potato Gro Sack Kit ~ 15 x Maris Peer
  • Potato Gro Sack Kit ~ 5 x Charlotte + 5 x Swift + 5 x Maris Peer


5 Responses to “Unwins Potato Gro-Sack Kit ~ £9.95”
  1. Sally says:

    The Unwins potato bags aren’t the cheapest by a couple of £s, but certainly not the most expensive, and you do get the rfee fertilizer. Just ordered mine, so I’ll let you kow how things go later in the year! xxx

  2. Russell says:

    Does anyone know when delivery is expected, mine were ordered mid January.

  3. admin says:

    Best guess would be some time during March. Wait until the frosts hasve gone before putting them out.

  4. mrs jappy says:

    i have tried growing potatoes in bags this year but the shaws have growen so tall that the wind
    blows them over, if i cut back the shaws would the potatoes still grow.

  5. admin says:

    We’ve never tried it, but wouldn’t recommend chopping the leaves off as they’re needed for the potatoes to grow. Try putting some garden canes down the sides of the bag and running some string between them to provide some support for the leaves and stalks. Sticks would be just as good as garden canes and are free, or maybe move the potato bag to a more sheltered area.

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