Dobies Potato Kit Buckets ~ £24.95

Buy the Dobies Potato Kit and grow pounds of home grown new potatoes on your very own patio. The Dobies potato starter kit costs £24.95 and comprises of three sturdy Potato Buckets and three specially selected varieties of potato tubers ideal for growing in them. Just follow the instructions and you can look forward to a bumper crop from as early as June onwards.

Why buy the Dobies Potato Kit ?

Potato Buckets are the perfect size, shape and colour (absorbing the sun’s heat) to quickly produce a really heavy potato crop. Growing potatoes is so simple. Plant 3 tubers in a part filled pot and keep topping up the compost as they grow, then simply tip them out when they are ready. Great for growing runner beans and tomatoes too. Height 40cm diameter 40cm, and priced at £24.95

What’s included in the Dobies Potato Kit ?

  • Three potato buckets
  • Full growing instructions
  • 15 potato tubers
    • 5 x Charlotte
    • 5 x Swift
    • 5 x Vivaldi

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