Suttons Potato Kit Container ~ £24.95

Unleash your inner gardener and grow your very own mouth watering potatoes with the Suttons Potato Starter Kit. There are two types of potato kit available from Suttons, either a ‘bucket’  or ‘bag’ based potato kit. The bucket style potato kit from Suttons is a bit more expensive (£24.95) than the bag (£14.95)  but they do look a bit nicer on the patio or balcony. The design of the Suttons potato kit is the perfect shape to quickly produce a really heavy crop of potatoes, and based on years of experience, Suttons have found that each Potato Kit Bucket can be used to grow up to 4kg (9 lbs) of tasty fresh potatoes.

Why buy the Suttons Potato Kit ?

The Suttons Potato Kit is a perfect fit for patios, decks. balconies or smaller gardens, with each potato kit bucket measuring 40cm(15¾”) in height, and 40cm (15¾”) across. They are made from strong plastic and can be used time after time, allowing you to produce up to 27lbs or potatoes every year. The bucket based potato kits stack together for easy storage in the shed or greenhouse. When it comes to the next growing season, just take the them out, order some more potato tubers from Suttons and start all over again. All these great reasons, backed up with a great price of just £24.95

What’s included in the Suttons Potato Kit ?

  • Three potato container buckets per kit
  • Full growing instructions
  • 15 potato tubers ~ 3 varieties
    • 5 x Rocket – Early crop potato
    • 5 x Charlotte
    • 5 x Vivaldi

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