Dobies Potato Kit Growing Bag ~ £14.95

Dobies Potato Kit Bag

The Dobies ‘Patio Potato Kit’ contains 15 potato seed tubers and 3 polyethylene potato bags, allowing you to grow your own potato crop on your patio or anywhere you’ve got a few square feet of space to put your Dobies Potato Kit. Potato grow bag kits are the easy way to grow your own potatoes, without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Each of the Dobies Potato Bag Kit bags can grow up to 9 lbs of potatoes, meaning that could get up to 27 lbs from the kit for just £14.95

The Dobies potato kit planters are made from a tough polyethylene material, which will last for many years, giving you crop after crop of potatoes making the Dobies potato kit even better value for money. The planters have well positioned drainage holes to stop your poatoes from getting waterlogged, and easy to use carry handles, letting you to move them around the garden if needed. Read our potato kit instructions article for information on how to grow the perfect potato. Full potato kit growing instructions come with the Dobies Potato Kit, but for the best tips and advice, you really need to take a look at our guide to get the most from your potato crop.

Why buy the Dobies Potato Kit ?

The Dobies Potato Kit is a perfect fit for patios, decks. balconies or smaller gardens, with each container bag measuring 45cm (18″) high and 35cm (14″) in diameter. They are made from a strong material and well constructed, meaning that you can use them year after year. Unlike to bucket based potato kits, these containers fold flat for easy storage in the smallest of spaces in a cupboard or shed. When it comes to the next growing season, just get the bags out, and order some more seed potato tubers from Dobies and start all over again. All these great reasons, backed up with a great price of just £14.95

What’s included in the Dobies Potato Kit ?

  • Three potato container bags per kit
  • Full growing instructions
  • 15 potato tubers ~ 3 varieties
    • 5 x Swift – Early crop potato. Ready in as little as 7 weeks
    • 5 x Charlotte – Classic salad potato, perfect for summer salads
    • 5 x Vivaldi – Great taste and texture


One Response to “Dobies Potato Kit Growing Bag ~ £14.95”
  1. Tom says:

    On my second year with my potato bags from Dobies, and have just ordered a mixed bag of seed potatoes. Had a great first year and was impressed with the nuber of potatoes I managed to grow, but not quite the 27 lbs shown above! Still great value for moeny though. My best tip for this year is to chit your seed potatoes when they arrive as this will get things moving and you’ll get a head start on your early crop. Like the website, but you need to sell more types of potato for the second year onwards as the choice is limited. Happy growing, Tom

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