Garden Bargains Potato Kit ~ £14.99

The Garden Bargains Potato-Grow-Pods are the latest potato kit tat lets you grow pounds and pounds of fresh potatoes without the need for a garden or even a spade! It doesn’t matter if you’re a keen gardener or a complete novice, you can grow up to 26lbs of potatoes from each of the four Pods in the Graden Bargains potato kit, priced at just £14.99

Why buy the Garden Bargains Potato Kit ?

The Garden Bargains potato kit includes everything you need to grow your own potato crop. The Garden Bargains kit includes a range of 4 varieties that will mean you get potatoes throughout the season, with the first potatoes ready in just 7 weeks. The potato kit bags are designed for a lifetime of use, with each Grow-Pod bag being made from hard-wearing, rot-proof polypropylene.As they are designed for long life, when you’ve finished with them, just put them away until next year, when you can order some new tubers.

What’s included in the Garden Bargains Potato Kit ?

  • Four strong, green Grow Pod bags
  • Growing instructions
  • 24 potato tubers
    • 6 x Lady Christl
    • 6 x Blue Belle
    • 6 x Red Magic
    • 6 X Charlotte

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