Potato Grow Bags

Unwins Potato Gro-Sack Kit ~ £9.95 Unwins Potato Gro-Sack Kit ~ £9.95

The Unwins Potato Gro-Sack Kits were already great value, but now it’s an even better deal  Read More →

Thompson & Morgan Potato Kit ~ £9.99 Thompson & Morgan Potato Kit ~ £9.99

The Thompson & Morgan Potato Kit is an easy and fun way to get some tasty home grown potatoes  Read More →

Pentland Javelin Potato Kit ~ £14.98 Pentland Javelin Potato Kit ~ £14.98

Special Starter Kit Save £1 ~ The Javelin potato kit grow bag from Jersey Plants Direct is perfect for your patios,... 

Garden Bargains Potato Kit ~ £14.99 Garden Bargains Potato Kit ~ £14.99

The Garden Bargains Potato-Grow-Pods are the latest potato kit tat lets you grow pounds and  Read More →

Dobies Potato Kit Growing Bag ~ £14.95 Dobies Potato Kit Growing Bag ~ £14.95

The Dobies ‘Patio Potato Kit’ contains 15 potato seed tubers and 3 polyethylene potato bags, allowing you... 

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Potato Buckets & Containers

Dobies Potato Kit Buckets ~ £24.95 Dobies Potato Kit Buckets ~ £24.95

Buy the Dobies Potato Kit and grow pounds of home grown new potatoes on your very own patio  Read More →

Suttons Potato Barrel ~ £32.95 Suttons Potato Barrel ~ £32.95

The Suttons Potato Barrel is a unique design which allow you to grow fresh potatoes, just like the buckets  Read More →

Suttons Potato Kit Container ~ £24.95 Suttons Potato Kit Container ~ £24.95

Unleash your inner gardener and grow your very own mouth watering potatoes with the Suttons Potato  Read More →

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Seed Potatoes

Vales Everest Seed Potatoes – 3kg

A new part coloured potato from Scotland, Vales Everest seed potatoes have a highish dry matter content and makes excellent chips and bakes well too. As a maincrop it’s ready from Setpember and stores well into the winter. Gives excellent crops of large oval tubers. [Read more of this review]  Read More →

Sunrise Seed Potato Tubers – 3kg

If you are looking for a potato to mash or bake then Sunrise is one to try. Classed as a second early, the Sunrise seed potato it is ready to harvest from late July and gives very large creamy tubers with a pretty pink eye. We tried it last autumn in the breeders kitchen and loved the nutty flavour! [Read more of this review]  Read More →

Thompson Morgan Potato Kit Refill ~ £4.99

So, you made it through 2009 as a potato farmer with your potato kit bags or buckets, and you need some new potato tubers for this year’s harvest. Thompson & Morgan are selling their potato kit collection of 15 potato tubers for just £4.99 [Read more of this review]  Read More →

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